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Building Permit Map Instructions

  • The map below shows where ÜberArc builders have been issued building permits.
  • Red markers indicate your building permits.
  • Blue makers indicate other people's building permits.
  • You can click on the markers to see more information.
  • Clicking on the map will display wind and seismic load data in the bottom right.
  • Click on the 'Map Help' link below for more information on using the map application.




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  1. Peak ground acceleration. 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years,
    475-year return period.
  2. Peak wind speed. 10 standard deviations above the mean measured
    at 10m above the surface from Jan 1st 1970 toJan 1st 2006.
    NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1